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The CNC machine for Shapers

Ingenieria Uno presents UnoShaper CNC, the first numerical control machine for surfboards made in Spain.

UnoShaper CNC is a numerical control machine for shaping surfboards with the CAD/CAM technology which combines speed and accuracy at a competitive cost technology. It cut EPS and Foam blanks with the same cutter. Full closed loop control, Brushless Servomotors, EtherCAT control and hundred of installed machines speak by themselves.

The surfing world has also evolved into the CAD/CAM. A good shaper needs a good pre-shape machine!


¿What model and accesory I need?

  • If you are a big factory: UnoShaper CNC Disk
  • If you are small factory : UnoShaper CNC
  • If you want to cut your blanks from an EPS block: Hot wire.

¿Who makes the UnoShaper CNC?

The UnoShaper CNC is made by Ingenieria Uno. We are a company dedicated to the manufacture of industrial machinery. We are engineers and workers who love to create. We make CNC machines, Laser cutting machines and ad hoc machinery. You can visit us here:


¿What's differenciates the UnoShaper CNC from other machines?

Easy to use: The UnoShaper CNC is easy to use. You can see the simulation of the cuts in the machine before starting a program. Only 2 days are needed to install and level de machine, and 2 more days for the learning course.

Structure: The structure of UnoShaper CNC is made of steel with a detachable and adjustable design. The greater the weight of a machine, the greater the stability of the machine.

Spindle: We use three-phase brushless high revolutions spindles. Other brushed spindles are noisy and lose power when the speed is reduced. We dont use water cooled spindle because of they problems.

Motorization: UnoShaper CNC uses brushless servomotors on all its axes, with 100% closed loop and EtherCAT control. Other machines in open loop, lose steps and the control does not know if the machine is moving or not. The control of UnoShaper CNC can control up to 100 servomotors at a time, while others controls dos not even know where is the machine that is moving.

Repairs: UnoShaper CNC simply DOES NOT BREAK. It is ready to last. We dont win money with repairs so we make the machine as strong as possible.


¿What's the difference between CAD, CAM and CNC?

It is the computer design process. The shaper designs a board in a CAD program like Shape3D. During the learning period, it results helpful to use models of boards created by other shapers and modify them according to the shaper preferences. Shape3D has a wide WareHouse where download models of boards. The UnoShaper CNC can work with all the CAD/CAM software but we recommend Shaper3D. You can design your boards now with Shape3DLite (free), download here: Shape3D

During the CAM process it must be specified the type of machine that is going to be used, the cutter diameter, the number of passes, the cutting speed and other parameters, so the CAM program generates the cutting files that the CNC machine will read to shape in the right form. The CAM process ends when the cutting files are generated.

It is in the CNC process when the shape of the board is performed. The cutting files generated in the CAM process make the machine to move according to the right paths to generate the shape designed in the CAD process. During this phase it is necessary to place correctly the board and adjust the machine origin.